Let's make it 10x faster.

Our database engine is built for performance. We made no compromises whatsoever.
Any workload

A transactional database OR an analytics engine? We provide the horsepower that allows you to stop choosing.

Any platform

Cloud or on-premise? Azure or AWS? Linux or Windows? Our database can run on a large variety of platforms.

Easy migration

We want to make migration as seamless as possible by implementing industry standard protocols.

For everyone

We want everyone to use our software. Our pricing model should be a no-brainer, regardless of your business.

Since the dawn of database engines in the 1970s, much has changed. Utilizing all the capabilities that modern hardware have to offer, requires a completely different approach for designing a database engine. We saw this as an opportunity, and decided to re-invent a DBMS.

Project progress

... sorry, we're not done yet.

Modern servers have vast amounts of memory, solid state drives, many cpu cores and process lots of data at once. In contrast, most database engines are designed to use a tiny amount of memory, spinning disks, a few cpu cores and process data items one-at-a-time. We believe you cannot solve modern big data challenges using the technologies designed for the past.

This idea made us re-create our database engine from scratch. As a result, most of our core components nowadays hit the theoretical performance limits.

Most databases are used by software developers. Most software developers are very comfortable building software using the tools they use every day. Instead of re-inventing our own language, we decided to implement industry standards like SQL. As a result, using our database engine should be a breeze.

Unfortunately, we're not done yet. We won't sell you a product that's unfinished, so you cannot order our database engine at this moment. However, we do plan to give all our beta testers a perpetual license for our final database engine, so if you're interested, feel free to leave us a message.

  • ACID Transactions & Isolation

    Memory management. Transactions, inserts, updates, deletes and selects. Relentlessly optimized.

  • Protocol, SQL Language & Features

    High performance TCP/IP server. Implementation of the type system, views, functions, procedures, schema's, permission structures and much, much more.

  • Optimizer

    Our optimizer is where the magic happens. Algorithms figure out the fastest way for you to get the right information. Our current optimizer already works fine; we just feel that we can do even better.

  • Storage providers

    Persistence is the one thing every database engine really needs. Some people prefer on-premise, other people want to use the cloud. The goal is scalability at high speed. Work is still very much in progress here.